FA Cup: Arsenal v Liverpool Tickets Emirates Stadium London

Lukas Podolski, Wojciech Szczesny

Wojciech Szczesny, Lukas Podolski, FC Arsenal

FA Cup : Arsenal v Liverpool Tickets Emirates Stadium London, UK

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Liverpool are four points behind Premiership leaders FC Chelsea on the Premiership Table after the titan club secured a dramatic 3-2 win at Fulham with a last-minute penalty.

Arsenal are one point behind the leaders in second place.

Arsenal goalkeeper, Wojciech Szczesny, talked about the battle for top of the league placement.

"It will be tight. It makes it more exciting, every game seems that little bit more important, especially in the games between the top four," said Szczesny. "It will be a very good end to the season. I am not surprised it is this close because there are a lot of quality teams.

"If we have a similar last 10 games like we did last year, we will be in a very good position.

"We are still near the top of the table and will give it a go to push for the title - we are still confident."

Arsenal gave up five goals at Liverpool in their last game a earned a goalless draw against Manchester United in the run up to this weekend’s mouth-watering FA cup match.

"It will be a big game for us because we conceded five goals against them and it was a little bit humiliating," said Szczesny. "We want to recover as soon as possible and it is a good chance that we play them a week afterwards.

"I would like to say it was a one-off, but there were two of them this season.

"It was just an accident, it happened. Liverpool were terrific offensively, we were a little bit weak defensively and got punished.

"I certainly believe it is out of our system now because we turned up against United with a good defensive show."

"You can't say you saw the real Arsenal at Anfield, you have to judge us over a longer period of time.

"People have seen the real Arsenal over the last year. We conceded five on Saturday, but our defensive record over the last year or so has been amazing.

"You saw that against United, we didn't concede against a top side with fantastic strikers and we hope to do that against Liverpool."

Arsenal boss, Arsene Wenger is looking forward to a FA Cup win ahead of next week's Champions League clash with Bayern Munich after the Gunners surprising loss to x.

"Let's say it was a disappointing result against a good team, but the attitude of the players, the fighting spirit, was very reassuring," said Wenger.

"We have come back with better confidence now, now it is important to get wins again."

FA Cup Arsenal v FC Liverpool Tickets 16 Feb 2014 Emirates Stadium London, United Kingdom

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