Cristiano Ronaldo to Stay at Real Madrid for $75 Million

Cristiano Ronaldo Summer 2013 2

Cristiano Ronaldo, Real Madrid

Cristiano Ronaldo to Stay at Real Madrid for $75 Million

The Portugal superstar striker has settled his differences with La Liga giants Real Madrid.

Ronaldo will earn around £900,000 more each season than Barcelona megastar Lionel Messi, making him the highest-paid player in Spain.

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Ronaldo reportedly has also struck a deal with Real to increase his share of his image rights increasing them above the current rate of 60 per cent.

'The situation still hasn't been resolved and I don't think now is the right time to talk about it,' said Ronaldo at a press conference in LA. 'Perhaps we'll be able to give more concrete news about this further down the line but now the only thing in my remit is to train and work.'

Former Real boss Mourinho jabbed at Real Madrid ahead of the match.

'Madrid is politics. Madrid is not about football, Madrid is not about sport,' said Mourinho.

Ronaldo responded: 'There are some things in life that don't deserve any mention. This is one of those things and I won't comment on it for obvious reasons. I always respect my coaches and try to learn from them.

'As we say in Portugal, "I don't spit on the plate I eat on." That's how I feel. I prefer to try and remember the positive side.'

Ronaldo, cost Madrid £80million in 2009