Emirates Cup Tickets: Galatasaray-Porto, Arsenal-Napoli

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Arsene Wenger, Manager FC Arsenal

Emirates Cup Day 1 – Galatasaray v Porto  : Arsenal v Napoli

"We want as many top players as we can but we have to focus on the players already here and develop them as well," said Wenger.

Since the transfer window opened Wenger added only Yaya Sanogo to the ranks. He also is trying to hire Luis Suarez.

“I believe that everybody competes on a very high level,” he said. “What has changed recently is that in Europe, countries like France have bought some very talented players who would two or three years ago all have come to England. That makes the chase for talent very difficult," Wenger was quoted on Arsenal.com.

“What we want is not a name but a good player. The name is less important. What is important is the quality of the player.

“In midfield you have plenty of candidates - there's a big fight in midfield. Sagna has settled in well as a centre back. We have a strong squad. We are there on the market trying to strengthen our team.”

The exciting Emirates Cup tournament begins on Saturday, 2 August 2013 as FC Arsenal hosts Napoli, Galatasaray, and Porto at Emirates Stadium in London, UK. Day 1 fixtures will be played between Galatasaray v Porto and Arsenal v Napoli.

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Emirates Cup Day 1 - 3 Aug 2013

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Emirates Cup Day 2 - 4 Aug 2013

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