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David Moyes, Manager FC Everton

Interview of David Moyes Newly Hired Manchester United Boss

Everton manager David Moyes was been officially appointed as the new manager of Manchester United this week, following United's announcement that the club had agreed to terms on a six-year contract with Moyes, who will take charge of the club’s coaching beginning July 1.

Watch Moyes’ last Everton matches at home in Liverpool against West Ham and away at Chelsea at Stamford Bridge in London.

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Moyes was asked how he expected the Everton fans to respond on Sunday.

“I hope they react the way they did when I first stepped in the door,” Moyes said. “If they don’t I’ll be totally understanding because I’m a football fan myself, but I’ll be standing in the same position as I have done, and try and make sure we keep everything focused and heading in the right direction.”

Moyes says he was “swaying towards” staying, but had not planned to leave. He says he will help Everton “any way he can” in finding a new manager.

“Whoever comes in will get a well-run club,” Moyes says, with “a great set of players”.

Moyes mentions how supportive the fans have been during his time at Everton.

“They got behind me from the word go, so all I can do is thank them for the support they’ve given me.”

“The people I work with,” responded Moyes when asked what he will miss about Everton.

Moyes has a meeting with the chairman this week. “He’s never been critical, he’s always been supportive. He totally understood.”

“I remember my first game against Fulham, the reception they gave me, I was relatively unknown. They’ve been great. It’s not normal now that a manager stays in a job for 11 years, it’s less likely than it’s ever been; without the backing of the supporters I’m sure that wouldn’t have happened.”

“All we’ve ever done here is keep planning, keep preparing for what’s next.”

“I had some stability.” said Moyes, “when I took over the club were bobbing along, now Everton are competing at the top.”

“Everton are progressing. Small steps a lot of the years, but I do think Everton have made progress and we’re competing around fifth, sixth, seventh spot most years.”

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