Champions League Final Bayern Munich v Borussia Dortmund

Bayern Munich v Borussia Dortmund Champions League Final tickets

Champions League Final 2013 : Bayern Munich v Borussia Dortmund

After defeating the powerful Spanish giants Real Madrid and Barcelona in the semifinals, the two Bundeliga sides will play out the first Champions League Final in history featuring two German teams. Great seats and top football tickets are still for sale online!

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The Germans have proclaimed "a tectonic shift in the make-up of continental football’s cultural landscape" according to the official Bundesliga website after FC Bayern Munich battered FC Barcelona and Borussia Dortmund overcame Real Madrid in the UEFA Champions League semifinals resulting in a combined final score of 11-3 in those two-legged ties.

La Liga’s kingship is over and Bayern and Dortmund are the rulers this season. 

Bayern outplayed Barca resulting in a 7-0 aggregate score line. And with the incredibly gifted Mario Götze and ex-Barca tactician Pep Guardiola set to join the ship in the summer, the Bavarians may have the best yet to come. 

Real Madrid was surprised by Dortmund’s awe-inspiring brand of counter-attacking football.

The final clash of the two clubs should be exciting with the most animated and appreciated fans traveling to London to root for their favorites in the first ever all-German affair in European Cup and Champions League history. 

In a fleeting moment in the sun for German football, Bayern and Dortmund will have the opportunity in London to show the world exactly what the Bundesliga is all about.