Manchester Derby - Manchester United v Manchester City


Carlos Tevez at Court

Carlos Tevez, Manchester City

Manchester Derby - Manchester United v Manchester City

United are in first place on the EPL table and City are 15 points behind in second.

City striker Carlos Tevez came close to missing the match - he could have been been behind bars for the rest of the season. Instead, Tevez escaped a jail term but was sentenced to community service and was handed a new six-month driving ban.

Tevez was fined at the Macclesfield magistrates' court where he pled guilty to two driving offenses in London. Tevez, originally from Argentina, has been handed 250 hours' community service for his punishment .

City midfielder Samir Nasri was also banned from driving for speeding.

City boss Roberto Mancini is not worried by Tevez's conviction for driving without insurance and while disqualified.

Mancini says the matter is the footballers private business, and does not damage City's image.

"I think that Carlos did a mistake and he paid for this. Usually he has good behaviour. I didn't speak to him about this," said Mancini. "I don't think this. This is their private life. We can do nothing about this. This can happen sometimes."

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