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Wayne Rooney, Alex Ferguson

Wayne Rooney, Alex Ferguson, Manchester United

FA Cup Manchester United v Chelsea Tickets

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After Rooney was left off the starting line-up in United's Champions League battle with Real Madrid, rumors were flying that Sir Alex Ferguson and Rooney had a falling out and that Rooney would be looking for a new job before the end of his contract in two years.

However, Man Utd manager, Sir Alex Ferguson stressed that Rooney accepted his squad rotation policy with no complaint.

"There's no issues at all," said Ferguson. "It's not about one person. The issue was that Welbeck was better at that job against people robbing him of the ball. He's very good at that – the best we've got."

Asked in an interview whether Rooney would be at Old Trafford next season, Ferguson responded, "There's no doubt about that."

"There's no issue with his contract. When it gets time to renegotiate, it will be done. We don't want players to leave.

"Wayne's coming to his mature years. He's had a lot of issues this year in terms of illness, injuries and not had a long run of games but he'll get 20 goals, no doubt about that."

Ferguson retorted that he was not aware that Rooney's contract has just over two years left to run. 

“I wasn’t even aware of that,” Ferguson said. “So there’s no issue with his contract, when it has to be renegotiated it will be done. We don’t want players to leave.”

Rooney earns a £250,000-a-week salary he secured after threatening to quit United for Manchester City in 2010. 

Ferguson was asked whether Rooney would be at United next season, Ferguson stated: “Absolutely. There’s no doubt about that.”

“To say I don’t talk to him at the training ground is absolute bs. It’s nonsense that,” he said. “It’s an insult to me.”

On the criticism of Rooney’s fitness, Ferguson exploded.

“That’s absolute rubbish all of that. It’s because he’s a stellar England player, that’s your problem. He’s the Gascoigne, the Bobby Charlton. He’s the best English player and therefore any publicity they can get from him they will use.” 

“I spoke to him yesterday. I said: ‘You’re going to have to go through a bit of s--- at the moment.’ But that’s the name of the game."

“I keep telling him he’s too trusting. I say to him, ‘I don’t know why you do anything when you get with the FA.’ They force him every time he goes down there. He shouldn’t be doing anything with them. They’ve not helped him one bit."

“Every time he does anything they punish him more than anybody in the game. He should be realizing that. I would not do a thing for the FA.”

Ferguson was referring to Rooney's relationship with the Football Association, accusing them of demanding too many media and commercial commitments from Rooney when he is on England duty - and then unfairly punishing Roo more harshly than other players for any misdemeanor.

United’s FA Cup sixth round tie against Chelsea kicks off on Sunday 10 March. Great FA Cup tickets and FA Cup Final tickets are still available:

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The FA Cup semi-final draw will take place immediately after Sunday’s match.