Arsenal Update: Tottenham Hotspur v Arsenal


Theo Walcott v Sunderland

Theo Walcott, FC Arsenal

Arsenal Update: Tottenham Hotspur v Arsenal

Going into this weekend's matches, Man United are in first place in the Premiership, Man City are in second, the Spurs are in third, FC Chelsea are in fourth, and Arsenal are in fifth four points the Spurs.

Arsenal battle Tottenham Hotspur on Sunday, and a loss would leave The Gunners with a difficult task to get back into the top four with only 10 games remaining this season.

Gareth Bale will be hard to stop for scoring in Sunday's North London Derby, since he has so much desire and is dangerous this season. Bale has scored six of Tottenham's past seven league goals, and nine in his last seven matches. The Welshman is third in the league in goals this season, after only Robin van Persie, and Luis Suarez, and ahead of Michu, and Demba Ba. 

Arsène Wenger insists he has no specific plan to deal with Bale.

"Bale is not the subject of our worry. It would be a complete mistake to focus on any player from Tottenham. There is nobody special that you least like to face, all players have different qualities. As a manager, over the last 15 years you focus on your team preparing the best and focus on the football we love," said Wenger.

 "At the moment I feel we can score from many positions and I prefer that, personally. We have many players who can score. Walcott can score, Giroud can score, Cazorla can score, I think Wilshere will score as well, so we have many players, Podolski can score.

"I think we have scored more goals than last year and last year our efficiency was always depending on Van Persie and I always worried about the day Van Persie gets injured. Our sport, much as we love it as a team sport, becomes an individual sport - because when Barça play Real Madrid its Ronaldo v Messi at the end. It always finishes like that. All the rest are good players, great players. But if these two individuals are not in a good day, the result of the game is influenced by it and that's why everybody fights for the big players."

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