Arsenal Update: Tottenham Hotspur v Arsenal Tickets


Santi Cazorla, Arsenal

Santi Cazorla, FC Arsenal

Arsenal Update: Tottenham Hotspur v Arsenal

Arsenal are fifth place on the Premiership Table, but have beaten their rivals 5-2 in their past two derby matches.

“It’s very important, not just because it is a great rivalry or that it’s Tottenham versus Arsenal, but the fact that they’re a side with great players who are fighting with us for a top-four spot,” Cazorla was quoted as saying on “To beat them and get into the top four and the Champions League, which is our aim for the season, is essential. We know how important it is and I hope we can rise to the challenge.

“Like everyone else, I’m really looking forward to the match against Tottenham and I hope we can achieve our goal of fighting for a Champions League spot. It’s going to be a really difficult game but a great match to watch.”

“The week before we played Tottenham at home, I kept being told how we had to beat them because they were ‘the rival’ and our neighbours,” he continued on “I’d never experienced such a great derby before and it was fantastic to be part of it.

“I remember the game well: I scored and it was my first derby. It was also a great victory for the fans. I hope things go the same way as that game!”

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