Champions League: Real Madrid vs Manchester United


Sir Alex Ferguson and Cristiano Ronaldo

Champions League: Real Madrid v Manchester United

Two old friends, Man Utd boss Sir Alex Ferguson and superstar Real Madrid striker Cristiano Ronaldo are about to meet as rivals when the two legendary high-profile clubs - Manchester United (Premier League) and Real Madrid (La Liga) - clash in two upcoming 2013 Champions League fixtures.

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Real Madrid will clash with Manchester United in two upcoming Champions League matches one in February and one in March. Premium football tickets are still available for both fixtures:

Cristiano Ronaldo and his former boss, Sir Alex Ferguson

Ferguson believes Ronaldo has turned into “the complete player” since his departure from Manchester United to Real Madrid in 2009.

“Maturity brings many things,” Ferguson said. “When I went to see them (Real Madrid) play against City, some of his decision-making in terms of passing was brilliant. One-touch passing, good crosses.

“In the six years we had him, you just saw his game grow all the time, and he was a fantastic player. Now you see the complete player,” continued Fergie. “His decision-making, his maturity, his experience, plus all the great skills he has got, they all make him the complete player.”

“Obviously you hope that when you draw Real Madrid it’s in the final,” he said. “It will be a big, big event – we’re the two most high-profile clubs in the world and I think they will be great games.”

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