Chelsea FC Tickets - Denba Ba Happy to be Back in London

Denba Ba, No. 29 FC Chelsea

Denba Ba Happy to be Back in London

After signing with Chelsea today, former Newcastle top striker Demba Ba is available for Saturday's trip to Southampton in the FA Cup. ( Buy FA Cup Tickets ) Ba is also available for Chelsea's Capital One Cup ( FC Chelsea Capital One Cup Tickets ) semi-final first leg against Swansea City on Wednesday.

Ba was asked what his first impressions are of Chelsea.

"It feels good to be here, I'm very happy and very proud. This training ground is massive, it has good facilities and will only help my work," said Ba. "It was important for me, and for Newcastle, to get my future sorted and now we can move on. Now they have the whole month to buy someone and for me as well, the sooner the better. Now I am here I just need to get settled in."

Was it a difficult decision to join FC Chelsea?

"When the club who won the Champions League wants you, the decision making is very easy. This club is massive and that's something that helped the decision a lot. It was not a hard one," continued Ba. "I remember the last game we played. It was tough. They dominated the whole game against us and we lost 2-0 at Stamford Bridge. When you see a team coming to Newcastle and winning 3-0 like they did last season, you know it will be hard to face teams like that. Now I am on the other side I will be happy to do the same to the other teams."

"I am also happy to be back in London. It means everything to be here. I think I will not live far from the training ground. I am a city boy, but I have two kids and a wife, and it is different."

Who do you already know at the club?

"I know Eden Hazard a little bit. I met him through a friend and Christophe Lollichon as well. I met him some times in France, so there are a couple of faces I know a little bit.

"In two years now in the Premier League I have learned a lot and I keep learning. I just want to keep playing football and trying to score goals. I try to be strong mentally. This is a big part of the success of someone. If you are strong mentally then you have good chances to succeed," said Ba. "Yesterday I was looking back and smiling to myself, saying "Yes, I've done it." I feel very proud, not only for me but the people who supported me over the years - my agent for instance who has been there since I was 15, my mum as well because when I skipped school she was afraid but today I am very proud for my family."

"I never lost belief in my football though, never. You keep working and things come. Rewards always come."

"Hopefully I can do the same here, it would be good. This club is at another level, it isn't West Ham or Newcastle. They are both big clubs with a strong history, but Chelsea is Chelsea and you cannot compare. It will be easier with world-class players around, who make the football look so easy."

"I hope they can create a lot of chances for me when I play. I have watched some replays of some games to see how the team is playing and hopefully it will be good."

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