Champions League Tickets - Arsenal versus Olympiacos


Arsene Wenger, Arsenal FC Manager

Champions League: Arsenal v Olympiacos, Ajax v Real Madrid, Man City v Borussia
Real Madrid superstriker, Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the greatest footballers in history will battle with Ajax as he continue to strive to score goals for his Champions League and Spanish La Liga side.
Arsenal manager, Arsene Wenger recently commented on Ronaldo’s periodic sadness as well as his skill on his blog.
“Cristiano Ronaldo is a super player and those great footballers always have great ambitions and very big egos. That happens because this breed of players never settles for mediocrity, as they always seek to be the best player in the game. Therefore, his ego and personality has to be seen as a price we have to pay for having such a talented player in the team. There’s a lot of media attention around him and sometimes that can leave other players in the squad with less space,” said Wenger.
“Nonetheless, and no matter what club, Cristiano Ronaldo plays for, he’s always capable of ending the season with 50 or more goals and that’s the mark of a winner. Every great player appreciates having the spotlights turned to them, but when that happens exclusiverly to a single man with a team, the rest of his teammates may get uncomfortable with the situation. The media have always had the habit of picking a player to become the center of the attentions and I’m sure it can afferc the atmosphere inside some teams’ locker rooms,” added Wenger.
Premier League champs, Manchester City take on Borussia at Etihad Stadium; Arsenal clash with Olympiacos at Emirates Stadium, and Ajax battle Real Madrid at Amsterdam Arena as the fight for the Champions League silverware continues on October 3rd.
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  • Wed, Oct 3 Ajax v Real Madrid Tickets – Amsterdam Arena, Amsterdam

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