Europe Update - 2014 World Cup Tickets

Europe Update - 2014 World Cup

Europe's qualifying process involves the 53 participating nations and breaks them down into 13 qualifiers.

Every nation is broken down into nine groups - eight of which have six and one of which has five teams.

Every team plays each of the other teams twice (home and away).

At the end of this group phase, the teams coming in first in their group will advance directly to the 2014 World Cup - and those who are third or lower will be eliminated.

The runners-up will then be ranked based on their performances against the rest of the top five teams in their groups. From this ranking, the worst performer will be eliminated from qualifying.

Then the other eight runners-up will then be drawn into pairs.

The pairs will play each other in a two-legged tie.

The winner of each tie will go to Brazil, while each loser will be eliminated.

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