Supercopa de España Tickets - Spanish Supercup 2012 Tickets


Lionel Messi of FC Barcelona (L) celebrates with teammate Gerard Pique after Barca's victory at the Copa del Rey (King's Cup) at Camp Nou on May 26, 2012 in Barcelona, Spain

The Supercopa de España  - Spanish Supercup 2012

Watch two of the world's top strikers in competition - Lionel Messi, Barcelona v Cristian Ronaldo.

The 2012 Super Cup will be a repeat performance of last years Super Cup between Real Madrid and Barça - FC Barcelona won for the 10th time - the third time in a row.

It was the first time FCB won the title against Real Madrid. The two teams switched qualifying titles this time, as Real won the league and Barça won the Copa del Rey.

The Spanish Supercup is played in August every year and decides who are the supercampeones de España.


The Spanish Supercup is a two-game encounter between the winners of the previous seasons Spanish La Liga (Real Madrid in 2011/12) and the Copa del Rey, (FCB in 2012).

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