Wayne and Colleen Rooney On Vacation in LA


Wayne and Colleen Rooney On Vacation in 

Wayne Rooney was attacked by Fabio Capello in the media after Euro 2012.

‘After watching the last game I think that Rooney understands only Scottish,’ Capello said. ‘That’s because he only plays well in Manchester, where Sir Alex Ferguson speaks Scottish.’

New England boss Roy Hodgson leapt to Rooney’s defence.

‘Capello is entitled to his opinions, I suppose, but I always think it’s a bit cheap to kid on a player who was so anxious to do well,’ he said.

‘Rooney’s attitude was magnificent. He was putting in extra work because he was concerned he was behind the others, having missed the first two games through suspension.

‘His desire to do well was enormous and we were trying to put the brakes on.

‘In the final game he, along with one or two other players, didn’t play to the level he can, but that’s what football  is about.

‘If every player was a robot and played at the same level in every game then football would be very simple and we wouldn’t need coaches.’

Rooney seems ready to begin the 2012-13 campaign and has warned rivals Manchester City that United are anxious to win their Premier League title back.

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