London 2012 Olympic Womens Football: Team USA 3-0 Colombia


Abby Wambach, Team USA

London 2012 Olympic Womens Football: Team USA 3-0 Colombia

Columbian Lady Andrade was caught on camera flattening U.S. star Abby Wambach during a fixture between the two countries on Saturday which ended with Team USA beating Colombia 3-0

A slow motion replay of the incident appears to show an intentional right-hook to the face.

‘I’m running toward the goal to get position, and I got sucker-punched,’ said Wambach.

‘It’s clear. We have it on film, so it’s up to the Olympic committee and FIFA to decide what to do.’

‘Absolutely. It’s interesting – you think about yourself and what you would do on the street if somebody were to sucker-punch you,’ Wambach said. ‘And you have all of the lists of things that you would probably do to retaliate, but this is Olympics and I can’t risk getting a red card, I can’t risk getting a yellow card.’

‘We like to call it ‘ice’ – stay ice cold. They’re trying to get me to retaliate, and I’m proud of myself for not doing that.’

Wambach shared a photo of her shiner this morning on her Twitter acount, showing the swollen, bruised eye she will have to play with for the rest of the competition.

‘Thanks for all the well wishes. Eye is healing fine. #reversesmokeyeye #notcool,’ she said.

Wambach scored in the 74th minute to make the score 2-0.

FIFA is examining the case after being contacted by U.S. authorities, and Andrade could learn her fate as early as today.

Wambach, 32, was left with a black eye following the violent incident. In the second half she scored a goal to break the U.S. women’s soccer record for scoring at the Olympics, with a tally of six.

After the game, officials from Team USA contacted FIFA to draw the organisation’s attention to the incident, although they did not go as far as to file a formal complaint.

‘I think it’s important that you recognize it,’ said US coach Pia Sundhage. ‘I watched it on video, and I’d say it’s very unusual, playing like that and trying to get her out of the game. That doesn’t belong in the game.’

Andrade’s version of yesterday’s events in Glasgow, Scotland, was different and she dismissed the run-in as an accident.

‘Nothing happened,’ she said through an interpreter. ‘It was just a normal part of the game. We were both running, she ran across me and we collided. I had my hands in the air. It was an accident.’

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