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Sir Alex Ferguson, Manager Manchester United

Sir Alex Ferguson v Roberto Mancini - Man Utd v Man City

Sir Alex Ferguson is looking ahead to Monday's Manchester Derby against Manchester City, the "noisy neighbors" -  a key match in the battle for first place in the England Premier League. 

"We have to get used to playing City in important games. They are not going away," Ferguson said. "The financial support they have means we will be playing them in a lot of big games.

"We will be playing them in cup finals and semi-finals. We have already done that last season and, if we are going to be contesting for league titles regularly, then this will become just as important as the Liverpool game.

"Certainly in importance, probably at this moment in time, it supersedes the Liverpool games in the sense that City are our direct opponents now.

"Manchester City are without question up against us to win titles and that is what I focus on. This game could decide the title."

"I am a confirmed masochist - I joined the club about 26 years ago. I do not know if you thrive on it, can't even say I can look forward to it.

"But I am up for it, I am prepared for it and I think my players will be prepared for it so, hopefully, we will be OK."

"I suppose when the fixture came out at the start of the season, all roads pointed to this game. It was inevitable, really," Ferguson said.

"We're smarting from throwing that game away last week, but in the context of our history we have always expected it."

"He probably wants to take pressure off his own players.

"We know the exact situation we're in. We're in a better position than Man City. We can draw, but my attitude will be trying to win."

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