Pep Guardiola To Resign As FC Barcelona Manager

Pep Guardiola, Manager FC Barcelona

Pep Guardiola Resigns As FC Barcelona Manager

'I have given everything and I have nothing left and need to recharge my batteries. 'The demands have been great and I have not been able to rest much. I have to recover and the only way I can do that is by distancing myself. Otherwise, we would have ended up damaging each other.

Reportedly, Guardiola told the club president, Sandro Rosell, of his decision on Thursday and his men on Friday that he did not wish to sign a new one and will leave after the Copa del Rey final.

His surprising announcement came six days after a loss to Real Madrid that marked the end of Barcelona's run of three straight Spanish-league titles - and three days after Barcelona was eliminated by FC Chelsea in the UEFA Champions League semifinals.

"I did cartwheels of joy when I was made Barca B coach and the same when I took over the first team," he admitted. "But time wears everything down and time has worn me down. Had we not been winning so much then I would have left sooner. These projects are always built to be short, not long-term."

"Every day during four years, the demands are very high, the pressure, the necessary energy to push the players and enjoy it," Guardiola said. "I need to rest and move away."

"That passion so necessary to continue, so the players listen to you disappears after four years," he said. "You can only recover that by resting. It would have been a bad idea to continue. Perhaps we wouldn't have gone wrong but I had the perception it would. I could not run the risk that it would go wrong. It is my time to go."

"I think that sincerely that the next person will have things to bring that can't. Every day during four years, the demands are very high, the pressure, the necessary energy to push the players and enjoy it. I need to rest and move away."

"I'm very sorry for all of the uncertainty I created over this time over my future, maybe that was an error of mine," Guardiola said. "I didn't mean to create this kind of mood."

 "I am proud I have done my duty," he said, and left to the applause of his audience which included many members of his squad.

The club's president, Sandro Rossell, said,: "Thank you for your work and your love." 

At the same press conference, Barca president Sandro Rosell announced that Tito Vilanova would step up into the top job. 


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