EURO 2012 - Pearce England National Team Caretaker Boss


Stuart Pearce, England National Team Manager & Great Britain Olympic Coach

Stuart Pearce England National Team Caretaker Boss

Until the FA decides, Olympic and under-21 coach Stuart Pearce will take the helm as caretaker boss.

Great Britain's national team has failed to win a major championship since 1966. So fans have put pressure on the FA to choose a manager that is capable of leading England to EURO 2012 silverware.

“He will not definitely be English, but clearly there is a preference for an Englishman or a British person,” said a FA spokesperson.

“In the end we want the best person so I’m certainly not prepared to rule out anything at this stage.”

Tottenham Hotspur coach Harry Redknapp is talked about as being a top choice among fans.

Redknapp was cleared of charges of tax evasion in a high-profile criminal court case in 2011. Redknapp grew up in East London.

“I don’t know anything about the England job, I’ve not thought about it. I’ve got a job to do. Tottenham is my focus,” said Redknapp when asked if he were interested the taking the position of England boss.

If Redknapp does take the job, he might well do so with some trepidation. The intense press scrutiny endured by the England manager famously led sportswriters to dub the role “the impossible job.” No manager has passed the semifinals since Alf Ramsey led his “wingless wonders” to glory against West Germany in 1966. Since then, a string of managers has endured public scorn and the wrath of the British media in failing to deliver the desired result.

England's caretaker manager Stuart Pearce warms up with Ashley Cole, Scott Parker, Theo Walcott and Steven Gerrard

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Fabio Capello abruptly quit his position as team manager, and reportedly a majority of England fans were relieved. Capello had long been criticized by England's devoted fans due to the fact that he failed to take the team further than the second round at the last World Cup.

In addition, Capello was paid $9.5 million per annum for coaching twelve+ matches a year, and his ability to communicate in English was poor.

Capello resigned as a result of his dispute with the Football Association, over whether team captain John Terry should be stripped of his arm band pending a trial set for July over allegations of racist remarks.

Capello declared he “absolutely” disagreed with his bosses’ decision to strip Terry of his captaincy pending his trial for racial abuse of another player, the Queens Park Rangers’ Anton Ferdinand, saying, “I have spoken to the chairman and I have said that in my opinion one cannot be punished until it is official and the court—a non-sport court, a civil court—had made a decision to decide if John Terry has done what he is accused of.”

A statement announcing Capello’s departure was issued shortly after his hour-long meeting with FA kingpins.

Capello stated, “I would like to thank all players, staff and Football Association for the professionalism they have shown during my years as manager of the English national team.”

The England manager's job comes under intense press scrutiny, often including revelations about the incumbent's private life. Due to the high level of expectation of both the public and media the role has been described as "the impossible job"second only to the job as Britain's Prime Minister.

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