Champions League: Chelsea versus Barca 1-0


Didier Drogba, Chelsea FC

Didier Drogba Delivers Chelsea Victory v Barcelona FC


Didier Drogba has stepped up to fight for Chelsea's rise back to the top.

Drogba scored the only goal in the win against Barca. It was the 155th time he had scored for the Blues.

“It was one of the most important goals of my whole career — and it was good it came just before half time.”

“It was a difficult game for me because Barcelona had such a lot of possession," said Drogba after the match.

“It’s quite difficult to play against them. They are a really good team, a very good team.

“Every time I got the ball I looked up and the goal seemed really far away, like on the M25.” Drogba remarked referring to London’s ‘The Road to Hell’.

On that basis we can assume he loves the big games. But he insisted: “No, I just love the game. I just love playing.

“Every time I have a chance to perform I want to do my best. I know I am lucky to be on pitches like Wembley and Stamford Bridge, because so many players want to be a professional and have the same career and don’t.

“So I try to enjoy it. I am really happy every time I go on the pitch.”

“I don’t think we had anything to prove. What we have done in the past few years is already a big achievement.

“We didn’t play to prove anything, we just play to qualify.

“We’ve played the first leg and won it. Now we have another leg coming. I hope we’ll be up for it.”

Chelsea defender Gary Cahill said, “It’s going to be really tough in the away leg. I think we can score in the Nou Camp — we’ll get a chance. The lads say the pitch is massive.

“It’s going to be tough, playing them on any pitch will be tough, but playing them on their massive pitch will be extra tough.

“But if we put in a performance like we did in the first leg then we will not go far wrong.

“It’s going to be tough to keep a clean sheet, so we will probably have to score.

“We’re under no illusions how tough it will be away from home but we’ve made a great start.”

Cahill said: “Drogba is in good form. He was fantastic in the Tottenham game last weekend, so he’s a big man for the big occasion.

“Whenever I’d played against Chelsea before, I’d never been on the end of a positive result.

“It’s hard against Drogba. To have him and Fernando Torres is brilliant for us.

“Drogba had a hard job in the first leg and maybe he was a bit isolated at times. But defensively he helped out.

“There were a number of times when he was in the box next to me, clearing headers out.

“We stuck to the plan and it worked out.

“Didier is unplayable at times, he’s one of the best forwards in the world.

Watch Didier Drogba, Fernando Torres, Frank Lampard, John Terry, Lionel Messi and Charles Puyol fight for the silverware in the upcoming Champions League clashes:

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