Andre Villas-Boas Takes Blame For Chelsea Loss

Andres Villas Boas

Andre Villas-Boas Takes Blame For Chelsea Loss

Chelsea FC has won just four of their last 14 games.

"Players don't have to take responsibility - and they shouldn't have to take it," said Villas Boas.

"They are top players and they know what they can do. But there is only one person responsible - which is me."

Villas-Boas said he does not expect his omitted players to be "jumping up and down with excitement".

"The club is more important than any individual. Full backing or part backing or whatever backing doesn't really matter."

Reportedly, Roman Abramovich questioned his team selection after the Napoli defeat.

 "I've spoken to the people near to him. Obviously he is disappointed with the result and asking questions about how we set up the team, which were duly explained," said AVB.

"There is still 90 minutes to play and we strongly believe we can turn the tie around. I don't have any regrets regarding team selection."

"I've made a lot of mistakes. At the moment, I think I've made 13 mistakes - seven draws and six defeats."

"The objective is to limit the damage and to get fourth position, maybe third eventually.

"If Arsenal win at Tottenham and we win, we are only seven points behind with one game against them to play."

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