AC Milan v Arsenal Tickets – San Siro Stadio, Milan

AC Milan

Champions League – AC Milan v Arsenal FC

The Rossoneri have failed to beat English Premier League sides at this stage of the competition in the past four years. 


Arsenal FC travels to face Serie A top tier AC Milan in an upcoming clash at San Siro Stadio in Milan against the Italian giants in order to stay in the Champions League in the last 16 of the competition.The London club along with Chelsea FC are the last remaining Barclays Premier League sides in the competition following the relegation  of Manchester United and Manchester City to the Europa League in the group phase.

Arsenal boss, Arsene Wenger fondly remembers Arsenal’s 2-0 win in the San Siro in 2008. “I felt it was such a great night because we stayed faithful to our game and played without complexity,” he said. “I remember that even Milan said that the better team won. So let’s keep that in our memory and repeat the same performance.

“AC Milan are always a team who, the way they are built, can score at any time,” said Arsenal Wenger. “You always have to push for a goal when you play away in the first leg because it gives you a cushion for the second leg.

“The system rewards the audacious away from home. The way it is with the away goal, you have to be focused to score and therefore it is important that you play your game.”



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