Premier League Update: Premier League Football Tickets

Kenny Dalglish, FC Liverpool

The Spurs and Newcastle are tied for 3rd with 25 points. And Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool are tied for 4th with 23 points.

Reportedly Carlos Tevez will soon be leaving Man City.  Tevez has scored 44 goals in 63 league starts for Manchester City and has another nine goals in cup competitions. AC Milan, Inter Milan and Juventus are interested in signing on the Argentine striker.

After defeating FC Chelsea 2-1 last weekend, Liverpool is still in the running with 22 points tied for 4th place. Manager, King Kenny Dalglish is confident they have good prospects. Liverpool had a number of their expensive new signings on the sidelines v Chelsea - Andy Carroll (£35 million), Stewart Downing (£20 million) and Jordan Henderson (£16 million).

He feels team spirit and squad building are equally important elements in the chase for honours – and reckons his Reds are well covered in those areas.

“If you’re a football club in the fortunate position Manchester City are in, everyone is going to be delighted,” he explained.

“They are exactly the same. They are in a position where they can compete financially for any player in the world, whether it’s wages or transfer fee.

“You tell me a fan who wouldn’t like their club to be doing that.

“It may make the transfer market skewed, but hasn’t that always been the case? It’s always been harder for some than for others.

“Nobody wouldn’t want the financial strength they have got. We have to accept that, not worry about it.”

1 Manchester City 12 +31 34 12.12 17.03
2 Manchester United 12 +17 29 04.02 L1-3
3 Tottenham Hotspur 11 +8 25 24.03 22.12
4 Newcastle United 12 +7 25 14.04 03.12
5 Chelsea 12 +8 22    
6 Liverpool 12 +5 22 L1-2 05.05
7 Arsenal 12 +3 22 L3-5 21.04
8 Aston Villa 12 -1 15 31.12 31.03
9 Queens Park Rangers 12 -9 15 28.04 L0-1
10 West Bromwich Albion 12 -6 14 W2-1 03.03

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