Spain Complains About Loss to England

Cesc Fabregas

Capello and his side have their sights upon Euro 2012 in Poland and the Ukraine.

After their surprise defeat by England, Spain’s players left Wembley and flew overnight to Costa Rica.

They had some complaints about the match.

‘We saw two very different styles of teams,’ said Cesc Fabregas. ‘One was defensive and one was trying to play football and score goals. In the end, the one trying to score goals didn’t and the one not trying to did.

‘We are getting used to this kind of game. We knew the only way they could score was from a  set-piece and we conceded a bad free-kick and they got the goal.

‘It’s difficult to say who played well for England. They were defending basically the whole game. With 10 men behind the ball, it makes it much easier. We will see more when they play offensively.’

Manchester City's David Silva agreed.

‘We were quite surprised how defensive England were,’ he said. ‘All the team defended with their lives and the only way they could score was with a rebound.

‘We have to accept that this way enabled them to beat us. This is how every team lines up against us. It is happening in every game.

‘They are getting everyone behind the ball, very narrow and very deep, and if they can sneak a goal like England did, on a rebound or a set-piece, it can make life hard for us. But we are not put off. It puts the emphasis on us to score first.’

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