Antonio Conte - New Juventus FC Manager

Antonio Conte, Juventus Manager

“We are starting fresh, back from scratch, with concepts that are completely new. The beautiful thing though is that all players have opened up and made themselves available. I try to understand them, and they try to understand me: they are getting to know me as a coach and as a man. But my biggest tool to convince them is out there, on the field: if you talk sh*t, getting people to follow you becomes difficult. They believe in this project and are progressively gaining confidence in themselves.”

“I coach. And whenever I don’t coach I am thinking about what I could do in order to coach better. It was like that during my days as a player as well. For me working involves one’s complete involvement, I cannot interpret it any differently."

“No, we did not get a Tevez, or a Nani, or a Walcott… but don’t underestimate our transfers. We had to plan our mercato based on tactical and financial needs but also thinking about the future, betting on talented young players who may still be useful in years to come. Elia, Estigarribia, Giaccherini… give them time, and you will see they will turn into important investments.”

Asked about his relationship with Alessandro Dil Piero , he replied, “I played with Alessandro as a teammate, and now I have the honor of having him as a player. It will never be a problem for me, under any aspect, because he’s a guy that will always give me a huge helping hand. Be it when I call him to play from minute 1, the 70th or 80th, or every other possible situation. His qualities aren’t up for debate, and I think there’s still a lot he can give.”

Asked about the new stadium and fans, Conte remarked, “The new stadium must become a determining factor for us Juventini, fans and players alike. And the way it can achieve that is if the people, within the boundaries of correctness, can turn it into a bedlam. We have to stir up hell, especially during the difficult times. Because there will be beautiful times and moments of difficulty, and it is especially during the latter ones that we must make our team feel we are close to them, and put pressure on the opponent. If we do all that, our fans will contribute to a lot of points.”

“The humility of a provinciale, the mentality of a great team. Our players must never get this one wrong. No one must get carried away or think there is an easy game ahead, but at the same time no one must fear the opponent or forget they are playing for Juventus.”


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