Carlos Tevez is Fined $1.6 Million by Man City

Carlos Tevez, Manchester City

Manchester City Fines Carlos Tevez $1.6 Million

Tevez is allowed to keep playing despite being found guilty of five breaches of contract for misconduct on the bench during a recent Champions League match when he did not come off the bench during last month’s 2-0 loss to Munich.

City’s decision not to extend Tevez’s suspension measn he is now available for selection for City’s Carling Cup fourth-round tie at Wolves on Wednesday.

Manchester City boss, Roberto Mancini said after the match that Tevez twouldn’t play for him or the club again.

City stated that Tevez had not fulfilled “an obligation to participate in any matches in which the player is selected to play for the club when directed by a club official”.

And they stated that sTevez did not follow the instructions of his manager, and brought the club into disrepute.

Tevez has 14 days to appeal against the decision and he has the right to a second appeal to the Premier League.

Tevez was City’s top scorer last season.

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