Natasha Giggs Comments About Family Affairs

Natasha Giggs - Mrs. Rhodri Giggs

The love lives of the Giggs brothers, Ryan and Rhodri,  have appeared in the headlines this month with revelations of extramarital relations continuing to be revealed - with rumours of a complex string of affairs. 

Natasha, who confessed to having an eight year affair with her brother in law, has told the press that her husband had been repeatedly unfaithful to her throughout the course of their marriage. She said Rhodri had recently slept with Danielle Healy at a house party. 

Angry Natasha announced that Rhodri had no right to complain of her affairs when he had behaved just as badly.

Natasha said she didn’t know whether to “slap her or shake her hand”. She also went on to speak of her husband’s hypocrisy.  “He's been acting all innocent, but it seems he's just as bad as me”, she complained. “I can't see how we can ever get back together."

Natasha, who had previously been hiding in Spain, has now returned to the UK.

Her reported former lover Ryan Giggs has also flown back to Britain together with his wife. The two are said to be pursuing marriage counselling in an effort to rebuild their relationship. 

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