England 2-2 Switzerland

Fabio Capello

England 2-2 Switzerland

England fans are already worried about England's chances after their tie with Switzerland. Fabio Capello’s dejected team slumped off the field after the match at Wembley Stadium to a chorus of boos.

Fabio Capello talked about the game afterwards.

“I told you that during the training, they trained one hour really well – but the game is one hour and a half,” said Capello, begging the question over whether he should not be training his players to last 90 minutes.

“It is not just my idea that they were really tired. You could see on the pitch. Wilshere finished with no gasoline and I had to wait until the last 15 minutes to send on Stewart Downing, in case another player had cramp.

“When you are not fresh, the movement of the ball is difficult. But when you are fresh the ball moves quickly without problem, one touch, two touch maximum. That was the problem.

“If you win back the ball, you need to move and you need to pass. When you lose the ball, you need to win back the ball.

“We spent a lot of time winning back the ball, a lot of time. We are not so fresh. The game we played in Switzerland, the game we played in Wales, the games before, we pressed, we won back the ball quickly. This time, this game, it was difficult.”

Ca;ello was asked how he would avoid the same mistakes.

Capello replied “I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know.

“We will try to find a solution. I hope so. I don’t know. Do you know the medicine? Do you know the medicine?

“It is not the quality. We have got quality. The problem is the energy, not different things.”

 “In one spell we had energy. We create four chances, not just one.

“They were not just chances in my mind. The chances were in front of the goal, one without the keeper!”


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