Popular Man Utd Chants for Champions League Final 2011

King Juan Carlos of Spain and Prince William Wales of Britain

Britain's Prince William and King Juan Carlos of Spain were among the excited fans at the UEFA Champions League Final match between Manchester United and Barcelona at the Stadio Olimpico on May 27, 2009 in Rome, Italy.

Thousands of Red Devils and Barca fans will be gathered world-wide to cheer for their favorite team as Man Utd and FC Barcelona take the field at the new Wembley Stadium iin London, England on Saturday to battle for the 2011 Champions League silverware.

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I saw my mate the other day,
He said to me he saw the white Pele,
So I asked, who is he?
He goes by the name of Wayne Rooney,
Wayne Rooney, (WAZZA!)
Wayne Rooney, (WAZZA!) 
He goes by the name of Wayne Rooney.
(Red Army),
(Red Army)...
And so on...
UNI TED, United are the team for me,
With a nick nack paddy whack give the dog a bone, 
Why don't city f**k off home?
50 years ago,
A team lay in the snow,
Battered and bloodied and some of them died,
Some of them survived,
Charlton and Matt Busby,
Took us to Wembley,
We beat Benfica and we won the cup,
All those years ago... 
Coma, Coma, Coma, Coma, Coma United Road,
United Road, United Road!!
Coma, Coma, Coma, Coma, Coma United Road,
United Road, United Road!!
Dimitar Ber-ba-tov,
Dimitar Ber-ba-tov,
Dimitar Ber-ba-tov,
Dimitar Ber-ba-tov...
Don't sell my Park, My Ji-Sung Park,
I just don't think you understand.
And if you sell my Park,
My Ji-Sung Park,
You're gonna have a riot on you're hands!
Forever and Ever,
We'll follow the boys,
Of Manchester United,
The Busby Babes,
For we made a promise,
To defend our faith,
In Manchester United,
The Busby Babes...

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