Champions League Final 2011 - "Pep Talk"

Pep Guardiola


Guardiola hopes to enjoy "game of a lifetime" that will be watched by a sixth of the world’s population.

“I think we will see a spectacular match - as long as neither of us is scared of losing," said Guardiola.

“The problem with any final is that someone must lose. You must be intuitive and know what they will do.

“I think we will see a good final and it will be marvellous, but that is what Wembley needs as well.

“My memories of 1992 are all about winning at Wembley and what it meant. I remember Cruyff telling us, 'We must enjoy this', that everything we had gone through to get to Wembley was worth it.

“He said to us, ‘Do me a favour and stop worrying. Look at the pitch, look at the fans and enjoy this wonderful stadium.’

“That was very easy for him to say, of course.

"In the bus, heading towards the stadium, there was complete silence. Nobody said a word and we could all feel the tension.

“But I was a kid about to play the final, at Wembley! A place that was pure history - the temple of football, with an incredible pitch. And I was there, 21 years old.

“When we won, thanks to Ronald Koeman’s free-kick, when we were all dreading penalties after 1986 - the fact it was at Wembley made it more special.

“The name of Wembley has a long history but that comes from the stadium, not just the place.

"The old stadium had history. This one has to earn it. We had the famous steps to walk up to take the cup and all the rituals.

“Of course, the name is still special and the atmosphere will be special, too.

"Playing an English team in England will be very special.

"Now it just needs a great game - and I think it can be.”

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