Champions League Final: Rafael and Fabio da Silva - Man Utd

Rafael and Fabio da Silva - Man United

2011 Champions League Final: Rafael and Fabio da Silva - Man Utd

Both 22-year old Brazilians are right-footed and play the same right-back position for Manchester United in rotation.

“I’ve got some marks on my face that Fabio hasn’t,’’ said Rafael da Silva.

Either twin may fill the right-back slot in Saturday’s Champions League final against Barcelona at Wembley Stadium.

“My brother has been playing quite well so we will fight for the place,’’ Rafael added.

“We are very close to each other. We’d have to congratulate the other.“We’re still only very young and always motivate each other whoever is playing. It’s quite a hard situation to be in. We’re both desperate to play but know it would be very disappointing for the other.

“My parents don’t like it very much because they prefer one of us to play on each side rather than the two of us competing for the same position.’’

“I’m probably more aggressive than him whereas he’s calmer than me,’’ said Rafael.

Rafael looked back at his dismissal last year during the match that took Man Utd out of the running.

“I was younger at the time and hope I will never repeat the situation. Sometimes it’s OK to be like that in a match but I’ve learnt a lot since being sent off and I’m much calmer now.”

Rafael received a red card against Tottenham Hotspur in January of this year.

Rafael was asked about Barcelona's David Villa, Lionel Messi and Pedro.

“They are very good players but if we keep our concentration and do what Sir Alex has said we should do, hopefully we can win.’’

“We have very good defenders. If we stick at it together I think we’ll be able to stop Messi.”

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