Fans Worried - Volcanic Ash May Arrive in Scotland and UK

Grimsvotn Volcano

Volcanic Ash Expected to Reach Scotland and UK Tonight

Fans planning to fly to London to watch the Champions League Final are watching the weather, worried that their flights may be cancelled. An Icelandic volcanic eruption that began May 21 under Europe’s largest glacier may threaten air traffic with ash reaching Scotland and the UK tonight.

Barca fans will probably be able to fly to London on Friday, if this does prove impossible, then fans can take a 20-hour coach ride on Friday that leaves Spain at 9am and will cost €190. Around 25,000 Barça fans are due to travel to London but UEFA said that, despite the potential problems, the game cannot be postponed and that it is powerless to help.

“The ash plume has been coming down a bit but the fact that the cloud is getting a little lower doesn’t indicate that the eruption is slowing,” said Elin Jonasdottir, meteorologist with Iceland’s Met Office, by phone. “Our measurements show that the eruption has been rather stable since yesterday.”

Last year a volcanic eruption in Iceland shut air traffic for six days and grounded 100,000 flights.

David Taylor, general secretary of UEFA, remarked, “There’s only so much that UEFA can do. We’re in the hands of the elements, we have to ensure the teams and the officials are there and we have set in motion contingency plans for this. Michel Platini and I were in Morocco and flew out early just to be sure we can get to the game.

“It is supposed to be better on Friday. Whatever happens on the day happens on the day.”

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