Real Madrid Accuses UEFA and Barcelona - Conspiracy & Racism

Sergio Busquets

Real Madrid Accuses UEFA and Barcelona - Conspiracy and Racism

José Mourinho's assistant coach, Aitor Karanka accused UEFA of overlooking the racial abuse directed at Real Madrid full-back Marcelo by Sergio Busquets.

Karanka claimed that tomorrow's semi-final second leg was of only "secondary importance" in the face of Uefa's failure to act to defend fair play and the abandonment of ethics in the sport.

"There will be a player on the pitch who racially abused another player, while others who have done nothing wrong won't be there."

Karanka's comments are after a video released by Real Madrid on Monday that they claim shows Busquets calling the Madrid full-back Marcelo a "monkey".

They also came hours after Uefa announced that it had rejected the complaint made by Real Madrid against eight Barcelona players for "persistent and premeditated unsporting behaviour".


Uefa did not to act on the complaints made by Barcelona against Mourinho.

Real Madrid boss, Jose Mourinho reportedly does not want to talk about the accusations he made against UEFA. He suggested that there was a conspiracy to clear Barcelona’s path to the Champions League Final.

He also said Barcelona’s 2009 success was shrouded in “scandal”.

Mourinho stated that he had no regrets.

“I don’t want to talk for a very simple reason,” he said, referring to television pictures and photographs he felt suggested that Pepe did not make contact with Dani Alves in the tackle that led to the Madrid player’s dismissal – and that Barcelona’s players had simulated injuries during the game.

“That is because I do not need to. A picture is worth a thousand words and there are so many pictures that it means there are so many words and I do not have anything to add.”

“There are pictures that are real pictures and have not been put through Photoshop, plus videos that have not been manipulated. So I have absolutely nothing else to add. The images speak, I do not.”

“Moral[e] is the word,” he said. “We have moral[e] in every sense of the word.

“I did not make an accusation, I asked a question: ‘Why?’ That was my question and, as I said, I might die without getting an answer. These events mean that I have even more desire to continue at Real Madrid, because of what it means. Our shirt is white – and that has meaning. I am in very good shape. My health is perfect and I am working as always.”

Asked about the sendings-off, Mourinho said, “I do not want to answer that.”

And asked what responsibility Madrid as a team and he as coach had in the defeat on Tuesday night – he replied, “Zero.”

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