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Nani was carried off and sidelined as a result of an injury inflicted by Carragher’s first-half tackle during the 3-1 defeat at Anfield - which resulted in referee Phil Dowd brandishing a yellow card to the Liverpool defender.

Jamie Carragher was not sent off for a blatant assault on Nani. It was a high, reckless, illegal tackle - and a red should have been shown. Carragher recieved only a yellow for the tackle, while Edwin van der Sar recieved the same punishment for simply expressing his anger at the decision. The high tackle resulted in a deep wound and it is the height of the tackle which is the despairing part of it - without douby, Jamie Carragher should not have been allowed to stay on the pitch.

Going into the weekend, Manchester United sits on top of the English Premiership followed by arch-rival Arsenal. The rivalry between Sir Alex Ferguson and Arsène Wenger is intense this campaign with Manchester united and Arsenal in direct competition for the FA Cup and Premier League trophies.

1. Manchester United 29 33 60
2. Arsenal 28 30 57
3. Manchester City 29 20 53
4. Chelsea 28 27 51
5. Tottenham 28 7 48
6. Liverpool 29 3 42


English Premier League, 19 Mar 11 - 05:45 PDT
Tottenham v West Ham
West Bromwich v Arsenal
Stoke City v Newcastle
Manchester United v Bolton
Wigan v Birmingham
Aston Villa v Wolverhampton Wanderers
Blackburn v Blackpool
Everton v Fulham
English Premier League, 20 Mar 11 - 06:30 PDT
Sunderland v Liverpool
Chelsea v Manchester City
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