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Cesc Fabregas and Jack Wilshere Key to Arsenal Win Against Barcelona

Arsenal v Barcelona - Part Two - March 8, 2011

Arsenal FC v FC Barcelona, 2nd leg of the UEFA Champions League Round of 16, promises to be an exciting clash between two of the best clubs in their respective leagues.

Tomorrow, when the Gunners face the Catalans, Arsenal may very well knock Barcelona out of the Champions League. 

Arsenal's critics have pointed out that the side lacked the mental toughness and killer instinct that it takes to defeat their opponents at the top. Arsenal did appear to be out of their league last year when the Gunners were swept out of the Champions League by Barcelona - and Lionel Messi, who scored four goals in the second leg.

This season, Arsenal's previous 2-1 victory over Barcelona gave confidence to the Gunners - who beat "the best team in the world" according to Wenger.

With a perilous journey to Camp Nou coming up on Tuesday - another opportunity for Wenger is coming up.

Tomorrow both teams will have to cope with player losses.

Entering this second half, the Gunners will clearly have a harder time than during the first leg. Theo Walcott, Robin Van Persie, Pique, Carles Puyol, and Victor Valdes will all miss the match due to injuries. Cesc Fabregas is still a big question mark, although he has stated he is fit and wants to play.
Arsenal look fit for the contest. However Arsenal's recent Carling Cup loss to Birmingham City and tie with Sunderland may affect the Gooners’ psychological state.

In addition, the Gunners have recently been beneficiaries of some dubious refereeing - but have made their own luck at times and seem fit to defeat Barcelona. 

Jack Wilshere, the young England international, will be a sustaining force for Arsenal and the Three Lions against Barca. In game one against Barca, Jack Wilshere was truly amazing. He was confident and handled the midfield like a pro - looking like he possesses Arsenal DNA. Wilshere is fit and has displayed a keen intelligence and vision combined with an inner drive against Barcelona that was remarkable considering the skill, confidence and calibre of the opposition.

Wenger has played an integral role in helping Arsenal gain confidence and agressiveness in order to move up through the Premier League to second place and to be playing in this Champions League competition.

Arsenal currently lies two points back of Manchester United at the top of the Premier League, it’s starting to look like it may turn into a two-horse race between Wenger’s men and those of his old rival, Sir Alex Ferguson, manager of Man United.

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