Arsenal Transfer Rumors For Fabregas, Nasri, and Wilshere

Cesc Fabregas

Arsenal are in the Carling Cup final later this month against Birmingham and are in second in the Premier League - with the average age of players at 23.2.

Rumor has it that Cesc Fabregas, Samir Nasri, Theo Walcott and Jack Wilshere are sought after by other clubs - tempting the Gunners superstars to transfer for large sums of money.

Arsenal manager, Arsene Wenger stated that he absolutely will not sell any of his men that were onboard to deliver the Champions League victory over Barcelona to Arsenal - no matter how much money is offered.

Wenger said, "We go for all the competitions because we have the players to cope. We have the quality and the numbers. We are in a position where we can say no for financial reasons. We don't need finances. People reproach me, saying 'Why do you not spend stupid money? Now they reproach me and say, 'Why do you not sell the player'. That makes me think we have not worked too bad.''

Wenger, is taking a strong team to League One Leyton Orient in the FA Cup fifth round on Sunday. He reminds that his team could win four trophies this season.

Arsenal's manager admits he strives to keep his men happy.

"It is difficult to keep them happy. A player that does not play is never happy. You need the right balance. If you have too many players it is demotivating for the players never involved. If you have not enough it is demotivating because they feel too secure. Competition is part of our job.''

Russian Andrei Arshavin has been on the bench most of this season - but he came off the bench to score the winning goal against Barcelona at Emirates Stadium.

Wenger said, "It has been a difficult period for him because I felt he did not play at his level. In the last two weeks he is coming back to a good level but I like Andrei as a man. He doesn't hide his feelings. He is a positive person. He is very self-critical. You highlight his attitude but I think he was happy, he scored the goal, went in, he doesn't even think about the rest. When you have dinner he is the first one that finishes, the first one in his room as well, even when he is playing.''

Wenger is excited to have Jack Wilshire with the Gunners.

"Jack is good in the defensive box and good in the offensive box. We are used to players being only strong on one side more than the other. He can have both. You can go into a fight with him. Sometimes it can be too much at the start but I like this side of his character. He is committed, he will fight for the cause and he will not hide.''

He added: "We are where we want to be and we hope we can deliver trophies this season. The attitude and the commitment of the team to deliver is sensational. I said that in September when everybody questioned us, absolutely everyone. It is important we keep this commitment and desire in every training session. The real pride will be when we look at each other at the end of the season and we have given absolutely everything to go as far as we can. I am confident this team will do it.''

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