Benfica Confirms Chelsea's Bid for David Luiz

David Luiz

Benfica has confirmed Chelsea's offer for David Luiz.

"A negotiation process is currently ongoing and the market will be informed when it is completed," Benfica reported in a Portuguese media release saying the announcement of a deal reached at a meeting in London on Saturday had been delayed due to differences over payment instalments.

Benfica want £25 million for Luiz however Chelsea have offered £21.5 million, plus one of their young players. The sides are only £3.5 apart.

Chelsea reportedly booked a work permit application for Luiz for Wednesday in anticipation of completing the deal.

However Benfica played Luiz for 90 minutes in a cup match last night.

Today, Liverpool have rejected a Chelsea bid worth a reported £35million for striker Fernando Torres.

"Chelsea have made a bid for Fernando which has been turned down," reported a Liverpool spokesperson. "The player is not for sale."

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