Dimitar Berbatov Scores 3rd Hat-trick of Season - Man Utd

Dimitar Berbatov

Manchester United 5-0 Birmingham

United maintained their unbeaten run and stayed well on top of the Premier League.

Birmingham City's manager Alex McLeish blamed "apprehension" from his players for the loss. It was a difficult start, wasn't it? You can't come to Old Trafford and lose an early goal such as we did today."

"The Birmingham games in the last few years haven't produced a lot of goals," Sir Alex Ferguson said ahead of the match. "Hopefully we can change that trend. Our home form has been very good this season, and it has to be at this point of the season. It's kicking on time."

Fergie was pleased with the score - but believed his side could have scored more goals.

"We scored in the first minute at home, and then we had great opportunities to open the game out for ourselves and your opponents have to do something, so it was a great start," said Fergie.

“They're a team that have a plan, and after a minute they have to change it. I don't think they did immediately but at half time they went to 4-4-2 of course. Most teams come with the five across the midfield, try to keep possession and make it difficult for us."

“You have to have a solution to that, the solution today was to get the first goal."

"I think they all played very well, the passion was good, there was good commitment, good desire to win the match. It was a good performance today.

“I think they realise that there has been games this season where we've eased off and just seen it out, but today they went for the throat and kept going for the throat and they could have scored a lot of goals today but it's a good scoreline none the less.”

"It's only important to win it.”

“There's always this thing about a game in hand, it's only a game in hand on paper. You have to play the game and try to get the three points, and after that, that's impact.

Next United take on Blackpool.

Ferguson said, "They've been fantastic. They attack all the time and they've scored against every team this season.

“It'll be a tough game, but we're going there with good confidence and with good solid defending we'll have a good chance."

"If you start winning games from now till the end of the season and be consistent then you will have a chance," Ferguson added.

Brazilian right-back Rafael missed the game against Birmingham after his red card in last weekend's 0-0 draw with Tottenham.

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