David Beckham - Spurs - LA Galaxy Saga

David Beckham

Beckham linked up with Tottenham in early January hoping to play in several EPL games.

LA Galaxy took a hard line from the outset, insisting that under the terms of his contract – which only has one season left – he must report back in California for preseason training on Feb. 10 - not leaving enough time. Galaxy has now refuseed to allow the 35-year-old to take part in a practice match against squad players from second-tier English team Queens Park Rangers

The match, which was played on a training field with no fans present, was organized by the two clubs in order to give players not currently seeing first-team action some playing time.

Evidently Beckham did not have permission to take the field due to an ongoing insurance dispute. The two parties have not been able to agree on who should pay the insurance premium that protects the Galaxy against financial loss if he is injured while playing with the Spurs.

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