Arsene Wenger's Advice to David Beckham

David Beckham

Arsène Wenger recently spoke about David Beckham's desire to play Premier League football this winter.

Becks, a former England captain has finished the US season with LA Galaxy and has been noted as desiring a temporary stint with the Premier League before the new MLS season begins in March.

Wenger said they do not need Beckham at Arsenal, but he thinks the 35-year-old should play as long as he wants and for whom he wants.

"I respect every single attitude," said Wenger. "I respect a lot the guy who plays until the last day of his potential and doesn’t care too much about what people say because he knows he will never play again after that.

"We had players here like Pires, who just play as long as they can. Everybody has to do what they feel is right for him. There is no rule, I am not a great believer that a guy should go out on his high. If he feels like that, yes. If you love to play, you play as long as you can.

"That’s the advice I give to any single player because after that life is still a long way to go and you can do so many different things but you cannot play anymore."

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