Spurs Hot For David Beckham

David Beckham

David Beckham may spend some time in England this winter playing in the Premier League until the MLS season starts in March. He said he would like to play for the Premier League after being gone from league play for more than seven years.

Reportedly, Beckham wants to join a European club on a short-term loan to increase his chances of being recalled to England’s national team. He missed last year’s World Cup because of an Achilles’ injury he sustained while on loan to Milan. Becks was on loan to AC Milan for two winters.

The Spurs want to sign him on loan from LA Galaxy. Now thirty-five, Beckham trained with Tottenham as a boy before signing with Man Utd. Manager Harry Redknapp said Beckham's experience would be a valuable assest to his side. The Spurs are hoping to finish in the Premiership top-four for a second year.

“He just said that he would like to come and play here at Tottenham,” said Redknapp. “I’ve left it to the people at the club. I’ve passed it on to them. They’re talking to whoever they have to talk to at his club.

"He can still do a job, otherwise I wouldn’t bother,” Redknapp said. “I’m not in a position where I need to go get somebody to sell tickets. The ground’s full every week. If he came, he could make a big impact.” 

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