Manchester City 3-1 Newcastle United

Carlos Tevez

Manchester City 3-1 Newcastle United

As Mancini celebrated his one year with Manchester City today on Boxing Day, City grabbed their sixth away win due to two Carlos Tevez goals and a Gareth Barry strike, with Andy Carroll scoring a goal for Newcastle United.

Tevez celebrated his goal by sucking a child's pacifier in honor of  his baby daughter Katie, currently in Argentina.

Tevez got the pacifier from his sock and put it in his mouth for photo ops to get a photo to his kids back in Buenos Aries - Katie, ten months old, and Florencia, The girls are reportedly the reason why Tevez is unsettled at City, and one theory of why he requested a transfer earlier this month, before withdrawing it. Tevez planned the celebration to ensure he got the photos in the Argentine newspapers today for his girls, who live with his estranged wife.

Mancini says Tevez withdrew his transfer request, "Everything is finished with Carlos. We are all just focusing on the season and he is as focused as all of us. I was impressed with his performance today, but I like the way all the team played. It was very important after the Everton defeat.

"I am happy that Carlos scored two goals but I am happy for all my players. Mentally Carlos is fine. He scored two goals and played well.

"The celebration? It was important that he scored the goal."

Mancini added, "Now we must improve at home because we have lost too many points. Away we play well and that is good. Against Everton I think it was an injustice. We had 33 shots to score but this is football. We could have played for hours and it would have stayed 2-1 to Everton.

"At home we have lost points against Blackburn and Birmingham. It is these games when teams put so many behind the ball that is a problem we have to solve when we can't find the space.

"It was the perfect start for us, we scored twice and had chances to score more goals. We always knew it would be difficult because Newcastle are a tough team to play. They defended very well."

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