Happy New Year! Top Football Fixtures in 2011

Manchester United are on top of the English Premier League

Top Football Fixtures - 2011

Make plans now to attend some of the top football matches in 2011.

Manchester Utd, Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham and Man City all still have a good chance to win the Premier League this season. You can buy Premiership tickets here.

Dortmund tops the league in Germany. In Italy Lazio Roma is surprising the Italians topping the league, closely followed by AC Milan. 3 years in a row Serie A winners Inter Milan are having a hard time to stay in the top 5 of the league!

In the Netherlands, Twente and PSV top the league.

In Spain, two football giants FC Barcelona and Real Madrid are fighting for the title.


Arsenal v Chelsea tickets
Emirates Stadium: 27/12/2010

Liverpool v Everton tickets
Anfield Road Stadium: 16/01/2011

Chelsea v Liverpool Tickets
Stamford Bridge: 05/02/2011

Manchester United v Manchester City tickets
Old Trafford Stadium: 12/02/2011

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