Hodgson Fearful for Liverpool

Roy Hodgson fears for Liverpool without Gerrard

Liverpool manager Roy Hodgson admits Liverpool will struggle to cope without Steven Gerrard. The midfielder is expected to be sidelined for several weeks after picking up a hamstring strain playing for England, and Hodgson fears for his side without their captain.

"When you lose a player of Gerrard’s undoubted ability anything you say other than it will be a huge blow would be a waste of breath. One hopes we will survive it and be able to play well without him, and that other players will step up to the plate, but there’s no doubt we will miss him very, very much." said Hodgson.

"We’d have had a much better chance of wining the game against West Ham with him than without him.

"Will it be as good without him? No, it won’t be. He’s very, very important because he's a goalscorer, a goal maker and an inspirational leader and, if you lose those three qualities, it’s very hard to replace them.

"The answer [to how we do without him] will be on the field in what we do in the next few matches.

"It will be very important that people who play in his place produce excellent performances because he’s been a large factor in the three straight wins we’ve had, and it’s a huge blow to be without him."

West Ham United v Liverpool Saturday, November 20, 2010

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