Fernando Torres to Support Roy Hodgson

Fernando Torres to Support Roy Hodgson

Liverpool's Fernando Torres has pledged his support to team manager, Roy Hodgson, and has urged fans to follow suit.

Hodgson continues to face a barrage of criticism from Liverpool fans after a highly disappointing campaign this season.

Torres said, “The squad here trusts in Roy Hodgson, and so do I. I have no problems with the manager at all, he has always trusted in me and that’s very important to any footballer.

“Although he was here a long time, the [Rafael] Benitez phase at Liverpool is already history. It belongs to the past and now only the present is important to us.

“You have to look forward, not back. Roy is a very serious coach who in the summer explained to me very clearly what he wanted from me.

"But it is not simple to begin a new project with a different coach in a club where it is always required to fight for every competition.

“You have to adapt to new ways to create a winning team and that is never easy – but the team is reacting.

“Not everything has gone well, but if we can put three wins together then I think the team will be back at the right end of the table, and we’ll be more relaxed and play better.”

West Ham United v Liverpool Saturday, November 20, 2010

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