Wayne Rooney Back From Oregon

Wayne Rooney got a backlash against his plans to leave Old Trafford and went out of town for a week.

Rooney stated in October that he would not sign a new contract with Man United, if he did not receive assurances over squad-strengthening.

Two days later he agreed a five-year contract.

Ferguson was delighted that the England striker realised he had been hasty in going public over his concerns, which were met by an angry response from many supporters and threats as well.

Ferguson believes the advice Rooney received from his agent was not in the 25-year-old's best interests.

"But the minute he heard the response of the public and our supporters, he changed his mind, he knew he'd made a mistake.

"There's nothing wrong with that as long as you recognise it. He immediately apologised and agreed a new contract within a couple of hours.

"It wasn't done to get the contract, I don't think that for a minute. But maybe he should have listened to better advice."  

Rooney has been at Nike's plush headquarters in Beaverton, near Portland, Oregon in the US, for a week of conditioning work.

"We want to get Wayne back to his best," said Ferguson.

"He's had a good week in the States and we've got him to the point where we want him to be in terms of accelerating his fitness. Is he ready to get into the first team? We'll have to assess that when I get back."

Ferguson commented on modern day players.

The 68-year-old said he had forced himself to keep pace with players' modern habits, admitting their lifestyles are a new phenomenon for him.

"I've mellowed a great deal," he said. "The world has changed and so have players' attitudes.

"I'm dealing with more fragile human beings than I used to be. They are cocooned by modern parents, agents, even their own image at times.

"They need to be seen with their tattoos and earrings. It's a different world for me so I have had to adapt.

"There is nothing wrong with losing your temper if it's for the right reasons. But I never leave it till the next day. I don't believe in that.

"Some managers wait till Monday when they say things are calmer but I want to let it go after the game because I am already planning for the next one. Once I let it go, it's finished and I don't bring it up again. I don't wait till tomorrow."

Discussing the current season, Ferguson admitted United had at times been lucky.

"I don't know how we are still unbeaten. We should have lost by six against Villa but in a way it was great because it was a reflection of what I have always believed in: when you give young people a chance they never disappoint you.

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