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Derby 2013 2

Roberto Mancini, Man City v Sir Alex Ferguson, Man United

Manchester Derby - Manchester United v Manchester City

Of the previous 164 clashes, Manchester United have won 69, Manchester City 45, with 50 draws.

Going into the battle, Manchester United sit in first place with 77 points, and Manchester City sit in second with 62 points. Great football tickets for the fixture are still available for purchase securely online!

Man City will do their best to close the 15-point lead held by their arch rivals Man United in a not-to-be-missed clash of old rivals.

Sir Alex Ferguson's United are the favored club to go through to their 20th top-division title this season. And Roberto Mancini’s side will do their best to earn a victory to spark hopes of City defending their title.

With 75 points, United has held on to their significant lead in the table – 15 points ahead of City with only eight games remaining. With 62 points, City have a mere 4 point advantage over FC Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur who each have 58 points. And City have only a 6 point lead over Arsenal who have 56 points.

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