Manchester United Vs. Sevilla FC  - UEFA Champions League Round of 16: Second Leg

Manchester United manager, Jose Mourinho


Transcript of Jose Mourinho’s rant

Manchester United was knocked out by Sevilla in their Champions League Last 16-second leg tie. England Premier League club Chelsea was also knocked out, while Liverpool and Manchester City went through to the Champions League quarter-finals. Jose Mourinho went on an amazing 12-minute rant as he launched an impassioned defense of his Manchester United record in the wake of the shock Champions League exit. Buy Liverpool v Manchester City tickets to watch the upcoming Champions League clash on Wednesday, April 4. 

Man United's famous Portuguese manager Jose Mourinho is the son of Felix Mourinho, a former Portuguese international goalkeeper. Following Man United’s surprise upset, Jose Mourinho talked for about 12 minutes in his post-match Manchester United press conference. Mourinho went on a long wide-ranging rant in response to a question from the media. The following is the transcript of his interview ahead of the crucial FA Cup quarter-final against Brighton. With the club and fans shocked by Tuesday's surprise Champions League last-16 exit due to losing to Sevilla, here is what the Portuguese said.

Media’s question:

"I've spoken to a few of the supporters this week that said they were a bit disappointed by some of the performance levels against Sevilla. What would you say to those fans?"

Jose Mourinho’s response:

"I say to the fans that the fans are the fans, and the fans have the right to have their opinions and to have their reactions,” said Mourinho. "But there is something that I used to call football heritage - I try to translate from my Portuguese, which is almost perfect to my English that is far from perfect. But translation, word by word is something like football heritage and what a manager inherits is something like is that the last time Manchester United won the Champions League, which didn't happen a lot of times, was in 2008. The (last) final was 2011. Since 2011, 2012 out in the group phase. The group was almost the same group as we had this season: Benfica, Basel and Galati from Romania. Out in the group phase.

"In 2013, out at Old Trafford in the last-16. I was in the other bench (as Real Madrid manager).

"In 2014, out in the quarter-final.

"In 2015, no European football.

"In 2016, comes back to European football, out in the group phase, goes to Europa League and on the second knockout out, out of Europa League.

"On 2017, play Europa League, win Europa League with me and goes back to Champions League.

"In 2018, win the group phase with 15 points in possible 18 and loses at home the last-16.

"So, in seven years with four different managers, once not qualified for Europe, twice out in the group phase and the best was a quarter-final. This is football heritage,” added Mourinho. "And if you want to go to the Premier League, the last victory was 12-13 and in the four consecutive seasons, United finished fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh - or seventh, fourth, five and six. So, in the last four years the best was fourth. This is football heritage. It means that when you start the process, you are here, you are there, or you are there. It is heritage. It's heritage. And if the fans, that I will always respect, always respect... if the fans... and many of them are the ones you speak with (in the media), many of them are the ones I speak with, or I am very lucky and very unlucky (with you speak to). But the ones that speak with you are very disappointed and the ones I speak with knows what is is football heritage. They know what is a process and know when they arrive. When I arrived in Real Madrid, do you know how many players played quarter-final of Champions League? Xabi Alonso with Liverpool, Iker Casillas with Real Madrid and Cristian Ronaldo with Real Madrid. All the others, not even a quarter-final. That's football heritage"

Media’s question:

"Jose, those stats..."

Jose Mourinho’s response:

"They are real, they are real. Do you want other real? I'll give you a couple more real. In the last seven years, the worst position of Manchester City in the Premier League was fourth. In the last seven years, Manchester City was champions twice and if you want to say three times because they will be in one more week, two, three or four (weeks) and they were second twice. That's heritage. Do you know what is also heritage? It's that (Nicolas) Otamendi, Kevin De Bruyne, Fernandinho, (David) Silva, (Raheem) Sterling, (Sergio) Aguero - they are investments from the past, not from the last two years. From the past. Do you know how many of United players that left the club last season? See where they play. Where they play, how they play, if they play. That's football heritage. And one day when I leave, the next Manchester United manager will find here (Romelu) Lukaku, (Nemanja) Matic, of course (David) De Gea from many years ago, they will find players with a different mentality, with a different quality, with a different background, with a different status, with a different know-how. And for some reason, you go to the Champions League quarter-final like today and there are there four clubs that are always there. Always there. Barcelona is always there in the past seven, eight years. Real Madrid is always there in the past seven, eight years. Juventus is always there, Bayern Munich is always there and then, of course, appears now and again another club like my Inter, like some other clubs like Monaco last season. Some clubs but the ones that are always there is for some reason. Is for some reason. And the good thing for me and the amazing feeling for me is that I am (on) exactly in the same page as the owners, as (executive vice-chairman) Mr (Ed) Woodward, as (managing director) Mr (Richard) Arnold. We are exactly in the same page. We agree in everything. We know that we have a process. We agree in the investments, we agree that we have what we have, the investments we are going to do are going to be progressively season after season. We need more than the investments, we need also the time. We are exactly in the same page.

"So, life is good.

"I have an amazing job to do. Yesterday I met a new person that we have in the club working in a different area, nothing to do directly with my job but it is as a person that come from another club and I asked, 'why did you decide to come? And the person told me 'because I did as fantastic job in another club and I know that this club I have a big, huge job in front of me to do, so I come for the challenge'. Well done, well done - my decision to come here was the same thing. I could be in another country with a league in the pocket. The kind of league you win before the league starts. I could be (but) I am not, I am here. I am here, and I am going to be here, and no way - no way - I am going to change my mentality. For me, I don't know if you know the expression, I don't know if the translation to England makes you understand, but there is quote that I like which is something like 'in every wall is a door'.

"You know, every wall is a door?

"I am not going to run away, I am not going to disappear, I am not going to cry because I heard a few boos. I am not going to disappear from the tunnel, running immediately. The next match I'll be the first to go out. I respect the fans, I am not afraid anything. I am not afraid of my responsibilities. When I was 20 years old, I was nobody in football. I was somebody's son. What I was with, a lot of pride, when I was 20 years old was somebody's son. You know? And now, with 55, I am what I am, I did what I did because of work, because of my talent and because of my mentality. So, they can be together. You know, I understand that for many, many, many, many, many, many years, it was really, really hard for the people that doesn't like me.”

"'Here he is again', 'here he wins again,' 'here he is again', 'here he wins again', so for 10 months I win nothing. For 10 months, I win nothing. The last title I won was 10 months ago, you know? I beat Liverpool, I beat Chelsea, I lose against Sevilla and now is there moment to be happy. OK, I also learned that in my religious formation be happy with others happiness even if the others are your enemies. So be with it. I am a very lucky guy and I am really happy to be what I am."

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Manchester United Vs. Sevilla FC  - UEFA Champions League Round of 16: Second Leg


Premier League Big Six Managers Guides

The overall control of the England top-tier Premier League by the top six sides called the "Big Six" has increased this season primarily due to their dedicated, skilled, creative managers as well as the top talent they have recruited for their titan clubs. The “Big Four” of the 2000’s, Arsenal, Man United, Liverpool, and Chelsea, threatened to take over the Premier League for years to come, but Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur managed to break in. Nipping at the heals of the Big Six clubs this season are Burnley, Everton, and Leicester City. 

Arsenal: Arsene Wenger

Chelsea: Antonio Conte

Liverpool: Jurgen Klopp

Manchester City: Pep Guardiola

Manchester United: Jose Mourinho

Tottenham Hotspur: Mauricio Pochitino

Manchester United News - Manchester United tickets

Ajax v Manchester United - UEFA Europa League Final

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is back as Manchester United's 'extra man'


Manchester United Update


EPL first place club Manchester United has resigned superstar Swedish striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic who will be the "extra man" for United following the Christmas holiday season said manager Jose Mourinho. Thirty-five-year-old Ibra who scored 28 goals in 48 matches for Man United last campaign, has signed a new one-year deal. Due to a knee injury, Ibrahimovic was released prematurely by the titan club in June 2017 after the season was ended.


"I am back to finish what I started. It was always mine and the club's intention for me to stay. I cannot wait to get back out on that Old Trafford pitch, but I also know that I have to take my time to make sure that I am ready. I have been working hard and will continue to do so to make sure I am in the best possible condition for my return to the pitch."

"Let him do his work, step by step and come back when he is ready," said Mourinho. "He won't be ready for the group phase of the Champions League. No chance of that. I just think he will be the extra man for us in the second part of the season. The second part of the season is normally January, after Christmas, when the transfer window reopens."


Ibrahimovic who initially was hired by Manchester United on a free transfer in July 2016, has been in rehab recuperating at United's training ground after knee surgery.


"A club like Manchester United has to show how big it is in details," said Mourinho. "This is a big detail. A player that gets injured with a Manchester United shirt, fighting for Manchester United, the club has to be there for him. I am really happy with both the club and player. Some talent you cannot waste”.

Manchester United v FK Rostov - UEFA Europa League Round of 16: Second Leg


United announced that Ibra would be wearing the number 10 shirt after new signing Romelu Lukaku took the 9 jersey that was previously the Swede's. Ibrahimovic will have competition for a forward place from £75m Man United signing Romelu Lukaku, Marcus Rashford, and Anthony Martial. Martial scored four times in 25 Premier League games for United last season, but the 21-year-old forward has netted twice in two substitute appearances this term. Although France international Martial was linked with a move from Old Trafford, Mourinho said he wants "more and more" from Martial.

"I hope he will be better this season than last," said the Portuguese Red Devils’ boss. "When you have some talent you cannot waste. When you are blessed with talent, you have to fulfill and explore it. You cannot be happy with just glimpses. That I am not going to change."

In the new season, Mourinho expects to see improvement from United midfielder Henrikh Mkhitaryan after having initially endured a slow start to his Manchester United career.

"He understands me and I understand him," added Mourinho about Mkhitaryan. "With his talent, this season will be even better."

Manchester United v AFC Bournemouth - Premier League

Wayne Rooney who recently left Old Trafford to his return to Goodison Park and his boyhood club Everton recently announced his retirement from international football. Mourinho said the former England captain "told me the night before", and that he understood the 31-year-old's former England and Manchester United captain’s reasons for doing so.

"He does it for Everton and his family," said Mourinho. "I realize, like many other people, when he retires how many times he plays, how many goals he scored, what he represents for football in this country."

The Red Devil’s will play their opening Champions League match in Group A on September 12 at home at Old Trafford against FC Basel after gaining a spot in the upcoming 2017 - 2018 Champions League Group Stages by winning the Europa League. Legendary Swedish football star Ibrahimovic starred for United last season but missed playing in Man United’s Europa League triumph in Stockholm after sustaining a serious knee injury against Anderlecht in the quarter-final second leg. 

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Buy Champions League Manchester United v Benfica Tickets, October 31, 2017, Old Trafford - Manchester, UK

Superstar Ibrahimovic, 35, made 46 appearances and scored 28 goals for the club during the 2016-17 England Premier League campaign. Ibrahimovic has won a trophy in each of the past 15 seasons of his career.

"We are delighted Zlatan is on the road to recovery and we are equally delighted to have his ambition and experience back with us. After his contribution last season he deserves our trust and we will be patient waiting for him to return. I have no doubt that he will be important in the second part of the season," said Red Devil’s boss Mourinho.

Reportedly, Ibrahimovic is being considered for a coaching role with the club when he retires from playing.  The veteran forward rejoins Mourinho’s United side that have steamrollered two 3 wins to open their Premier League campaign taking them to first place on the EPL Table. 

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Manchester United v RSC Anderlecht - UEFA Europa League Quarter Final: Second Leg

RSC Anderlecht v Manchester United - UEFA Europa League Quarter Final: First Leg

Sunderland v Manchester United - Premier League

The Manchester United Legends are back!


On Saturday, the Manchester United Legends play the Barcelona Legends at Old Trafford. Red Devils' Legends captain Bryan Robson’s side carry a two-goal lead into the tie having won the first leg 3-1 at Barca's Nou Camp.


Bryan Robson


“It’s nice to have a club with charisma like Barcelona coming and playing at Old Trafford, and the boys will be well up for it because the tradition between Man United and Barcelona in Europe is there for all to see. They’ve got some real good forwards and midfield players, and we’ve got some real good forwards in our squad, so it’ll be a competitive game.”

Edwin van der Sar 

"Of course it's always nice to go back to Old Trafford, I played there in Michael Carrick's testimonial match and I have played in a few other charity games. I'm looking forward to playing against Barcelona in September. Hopefully, we're not going to mess it up! [Laughs] Not many teams go away and win the first leg so we should be able to lift the trophy."

Manchester United Legends:

-  Bryan Robson (Manager)
-  Andrew Cole (Assistant Manager)
-  Raimond van der Gouw
-  Denis Irwin
-  Ronny Johnsen
-  Mikael Silvestre
-  Russel Beardsmore
-  Jesper Blomqvist
-  Wes Brown
-  Bojan Djordjic
-  Ji-sung Park
-  Karel Poborsky
-  Ben Thornley
-  Louis Saha
-  Ruud van Nistelrooy
-  Dion Dublin
-  Danny Webber
-  Dwight Yorke
-  Edwin van der Sar

Barcelona Legends:

-  Albert 'Chapi' Ferrer (Manager)
-  Eric Abidal
-  Frédéric Dehú
-  Luis Garcia
-  Xavi Guzmán
-  Jesús Angoy
-  Gaizka Mendieta
-  Andoni Goicoetxea
-  Patrick Kluivert
-  Juan Carlos Moreno
-  Aloisio Pires
-  Juan Carlos Rodriguez
-  Simao Sabrosa
-  F.X.Sanchez Jara
-  Sergi Barjuan
-  Juliano Belletti
-  Jofre Mateu
-  Edmilson
-  Edgar Davids

Wayne Rooney may leave Manchester United for China


Wayne Rooney did no go with his Man Utd side to Saint Etienne to battle for a spot in the next round of the UEFA Europa League. Reportedly Rooney is open to moving to the Chinese Super League after being told by his boss Jose Mourinho that he is free to leave Manchester United although Mourinho made it clear that he wants Wazza to stay on until the end of his career. United would prefer to wait until the summer to sell Rooney, 31, even though the club captain is open to leaving before the CSL transfer window closes on February 28. United have named Antoine Griezmann as Rooney’s potential replacement and it remains probable the No.10 will see out his 13th campaign at Old Trafford. Rooney considered joining a Major League Soccer (MLS) club as his first choice but he does not expect a Stateside move to be an option while he is still under contract at United. Rooney’s current deal expires in June 2019.

The Chinese Super League (CSL) has shocked the global football world after spending an amazing £358.4m since the January transfer window opened. Some of the big names who will be competing in the CSL are Oscar, Carlos Tevez, Axel Witsel and John Obi Mikel. In addition former Manchester City manager Manuel Pellegrini will serve as manager of Hebei China Fortune while ex-Chelsea manager Andre Villas-Boas is boss at Shanghai SIPG. A year ago Ramires, Alex Texeira and Gervinho all headed to play for Far East clubs  Manchester United captain Wayne Rooney may be the latest big name to link up with a CSL side.

CSL clubs are allowed to have three foreign players in their starting line-ups and Tianjin Quanjian, Jiangsu Suning and Beijing Guoan are the only three clubs who currently have a slot available. Any club in Chinese football's top two tiers has until Tuesday, February 28 to complete a deal while China’s 3rd division has an extended window from March 1 - March 15. If Rooney decides to wait until the summer, the CSL transfer window will reopen on June 19 and close on July 14.

Rooney is already one of the ten top highest paid football players currently in action in Europe and the highest paid football player in the England Premier League.

Wayne Rooney's Manchester United record and honors

Premier League: 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011, 2013
FA Cup: 2016
Football League Cup: 2006, 2010
FA Community Shield: 2007, 2010, 2011, 2016
UEFA Champions League: 2008
FIFA Club World Cup: 2008
Played: 549
Goals: 250

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The world's highest paid players

1. Carlos Tevez £615,000 per-week (Shanghai Shenua)
2. Oscar £400,000 (Shanghai SIPG)
3. Cristiano Ronaldo £365,000* (Real Madrid)
4. Gareth Bale £350,000* (Real Madrid)
5. Lionel Messi £336,000* (Barcelona)
6. Hulk £320,000 (Shanghai SIPG)
7. Wayne Rooney £300,000 (Manchester United)
8. Graziano Pelle £295,000 (Shandong Luneng)
9. Paul Pogba £290,000 (Manchester United)
10. Neymar £275,000* (Barcelona)


Man Utd superstar striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic scores second goal against West Ham


Manchester United win 1st match in 2017 to go within a point of 4th place on EPL Table

Jose Mourniho's Manchester United side got off to a winning start in the New Year as the Red Devils defeated 10 man West Ham 2-0 away at London Stadium to go within one point of fourth place with second half goals from sub Juan Mata assisted by teenager Marcus Rashford, and superstar striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic on Monday evening. Ibra has already scored more goals in all competitions than Manchester United's top goal scorer last season (Martial, 17). Amazing Man Utd goalie David de Gea gets credit for another clean sheet in his 250th appearance for the club. In Round 20 to date, Chelsea remain in first with 49 points; Liverpool are in second with 44 points, Manchester City are in third with 42 points, Arsenal are in fourth with 41 points, Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester United are tied in fifth with 39 points apiece. Everton is in seventh with 30 points, West Brom is in eighth with 29 points, AFC Bournemouth is in ninth with 25 points, Southampton is in tenth with 24 points.

Match Report

Juan Mata 63

Zlatan Ibrahimovic 78


Man United manager Jose Mourinho made five changes to his side from their last match with Jones, Rojo, Darmian, Carrick and Lingard coming in for Smalling, Fellaini, Martial, Bailly and Blind.West Ham manager Bilic brought in Obiang, Lanzini and Feghouli for Noble, Ayew and Carroll.

West Ham United

Randolph, Obiang, Reid, Ogbonna, Cresswell, Kouyate, Nordtveit, Antonio, Feghouli, Payet, Lanzini. Subs: Carroll, Adrian, Noble, Ayew, Fletcher, Fernandes, Quina.

Manchester United

De Gea, Valencia, Jones, Rojo, Darmian, Ander Herrera, Carrick, Pogba, Mkhitaryan, Ibrahimovic, Lingard. Subs: Mata, Martial, Smalling, Young, Rashford, Romero, Fellaini.

Referee: Mike Dean

Manchester United is enjoying a run of six Premier League victories with their 2-0 defeat of the Hammers. Juan Mata and Zlatan Ibrahimovic scored in East London to take Man United to within a point of fourth place. The controversial sending off of West Ham’s Sofiane Feghouli at 15 minutes after what looked like a hard but fair challenge resulted in a straight red card given by referee Mike Dean in front of a crowd of 57,000.

United manager José Mourinho admitted that the turning point of the match was the controversial call by referee Dean to send off Feghouli after a hefty challenge with Phil Jones that saw both men fight for a loose ball. Half-time arrived accompanied by a chorus of boos directed at Dean. Feghouli will now miss the Hammers' FA Cup third-round home tie against Manchester City on Friday. West Ham supporters showed their anger at the ref by chanting 'Mike Dean - it's all about you'. Dean has shown 14 red cards in the EPL since the start of last season - at least six more than any other referee.

The match was scoreless at half‑time when Mourinho brought on Juan Mata, and then Marcus Rashford who combined to score the opening goal of the match. Mata has been involved in 40 Premier League goals (25 goals, 15 assists) since his Man United debut. Only Wayne Rooney with 46 Premier League goals (29 goals, 17 assists) has a better record in that time.

United are steadily improving match by match hot on the heels of the other top four contenders and gaining momentum with every win including their victory against West Ham only 48 hours after their previous win against Middlesbrough.

After the game, West Ham boss Slaven Bilic was still angry with Dean but proud of his men.

"I was pleased with the performance, we fought hard and gave everything. I told my players that if we did this we will be all right in the table. Ten men against a team like this is very hard - but we had chances. I am disappointed with the result and frustrated by how we lost it, but I am proud of my players."

Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho is enjoying his longest winning run in all competitions (seven) since January 2014 when in charge of Chelsea.

"It was hard for us to think well with one more man - and it was very hard for them physically. I was happy with my choices in Juan Mata and Marcus Rashford, they gave us what we needed. Rashford is very professional and very mature. He is a Manchester United player with Manchester United DNA. I don't feel sorry for West Ham - I didn't watch the decisions. I think if you talk about decisions, we are the champions of bad decisions."

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Coming up next, West Ham will be back in action on Friday when they host fellow Premier League side Manchester City in the FA Cup third round. Manchester United begin their defence of the coveted FA Cup trophy at home against Championship club Reading, managed by former Man United defender Jaap Stam, on Saturday. Buy legal, guaranteed FA Cup tickets for West Ham v Manchester City and Manchester United v Reading tickets FA Cup tickets now safely and securely online from!

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JAN 7 2017 FA Cup Preston North End v Arsenal Tickets Deepdale - Preston, United Kingdom

JAN 8 2017 FA Cup Liverpool v Plymouth Argyle Tickets Anfield Road - Liverpool, United Kingdom

JAN 8 2017 FA Cup Chelsea v Peterborough United Tickets Stamford Bridge - London, United Kingdom

JAN 8 2017 FA Cup Tottenham Hotspur v Aston Villa Tickets White Hart Lane - London, United Kingdom

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Man Utd superstar striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic

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JAN 10 2017 EFL Cup Manchester United v Hull City Tickets Old Trafford - Manchester, United Kingdom

JAN 15 2017 English Premier League Manchester United v Liverpool Tickets Old Trafford - Manchester, United Kingdom

JAN 21 2017 English Premier League Liverpool v Swansea City Tickets Anfield Road - Liverpool, United Kingdom

JAN 31 2017 English Premier League Liverpool v Chelsea Tickets Anfield Road - Liverpool, United Kingdom

FEB 4 2017 English Premier League Chelsea v Arsenal Tickets Stamford Bridge - London, United Kingdom

FEB 11 2017 English Premier League Liverpool v Tottenham Hotspur Tickets Anfield Road - Liverpool, United Kingdom

MAR 4 2017 English Premier League Liverpool v Arsenal Tickets Anfield Road - Liverpool, United Kingdom

Juan Mata scores opening goal against West Ham for Man United

Juan Mata celebrates scoring opening goal against West Ham for Manchester United

Man Utd No. 1 goalkeeper David de Gea gets credit for another clean sheet

Jose Mourniho's Man United side defeated West Ham 2-0

Champions League : Chelsea v FC Schalke 04 Tickets

Jose Mourinho v NewcaSTLE

Jose Mourinho, FC Chelsea

Champions League : Chelsea v FC Schalke 04

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho criticised his side following their defeat saying that they deserved the loss and it cost the London Blues top place on the Premiership Table.

Chelsea lost due to second-half goals by Yoan Gouffran and Loic Remy.

"I didn't like it. I think we deserved to loose," Mourinho said.

"We had a couple of good chances to score the equaliser, but they were in the game more than us, they fought more than us and they were much more committed than us.

"They were the best team on the pitch. If someone had to win, I think it was Newcastle, not us.

"The game was quite easy to play in the first half, but we were not sharp, we were not intense with the ball. So we let the game go, waiting for a chance to score a goal or a chance to concede and lose it, and that is exactly what I was telling the players at half-time."

It was only Chelsea's second league defeat of the season, bringing an end to a nine-game unbeaten run in all competitions.

"I don't need to lose a match to be aware of [how competitive the league is]," said the former Real Madrid coach, whose side host Schalke in the Champions League on Wednesday.

"It is something I know and pass on to my players every game. I know exactly how it is. The race is there for everybody. If Arsenal win [against Liverpool] today, they open the gap. I didn't like my team today."

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