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Ibra and Becks

Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Paris Saint Germain

European Football Leagues

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Manchester United remain on top, with Manchester City in second, FC Chelsea in third and Spurs in fourth.

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PSG are in first place with superstars Zlatan Ibrahimpvic and David Beckham adding to the allure.

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Ibra Scores 11th Goal of Season for AC Milan

Zlatan Ibrahimovic – Ibra

Italian Soccer Serie A – Italian Football League

Ibra scored a beautiful goal in AC Milan’s match against Lecce on Sunday. He had scored a similar goal against Genoa previously. However this shot was more powerful and from further out. The shot seemed to come out of nowhere, with an unexpected trajectory – taking Lecce completely by surprise.

Milan’s Swedish striker is not only a prolific player, but he has the ability to create chances for his teammates as well – demonstrated recently by his assist for Pato against Udinese.


15 September: Milan-Auxerre 2-0 – 2 Goals
22 September: Lazio-Milan 1-1 – Goal
25 September: Milan-Genoa 1-0 – Goal
28 September: Ajax-Milan 1-1 – Goal
16 October: Milan-Chievo 3-1 – 2 Assists for Pato
25 October: Napoli-Milan 1-2 – Goal
30 October: Milan-Juventus 1-2 – Goal
3 November: Milan-Real Madrid 2-2 – Assist for Inzaghi
7 November: Bari-Milan 2-3 – Assist for Flamini
10 November: Milan-Palermo 3-1 – Goal and assist for Robinho
14 November: Inter-Milan 0-1 – Goal
20 November: Milan-Fiorentina 1-0 – Goal
23 November: Auxerre-Milan 0-2 – Goal
4 December: Milan-Brescia 3-0 – Goal and assist for Boateng
12 December: Bologna-Milan 0-3- Goal and assist for Boateng
9 January 2011: Milan-Udinese 4-4 – Goal and assist for Pato
16 January 2011: Lecce-Milan 1-1 – Goal

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